LaBov and Beyond Understands the Value of Using Business Jets for Company Executives

The use of business jets for companies and their executives has been a hot button issue for quite some time now. Barry LaBov of LaBov & Beyond recognizes the benefits of owning and operating a private jet for business use and continues to promote the many benefits that utilizing private business aviation brings. Corporate jet use has been branded by some people as being a selfish act, so that CEOs can travel around at their leisure, and are looked on as more of a status symbol as opposed to a legitimate tool used for their business. The truth of the matter is that while the debate still continues on, private business jets can do a world of good for both the businesses they serve, and the local communities where the planes are flown out of.

The way Barry LaBov utilizes his private jet for LaBov and Beyond creates opportunities for the company that would otherwise be impossible without the aid of one. Operating a business where meeting with clients face to face is absolutely essential, Barry LaBov and his team are able to meet with their clients on the client's terms, no matter where they may be located. Being able to fly to places like New York City and Washington D.C. in the morning, meet with clients and returning to Fort Wayne, Indiana in time for the team to be home for dinner is a very alluring prospect for any business. Accomplishing feats like this not only makes the clients happy, but it makes the employees happy as well. A price tag cannot be put on morale and successful interaction with clients, which is why having a private jet to bridge so many gaps, is a true boon for the business.

Additionally, the business use of private jets creates many jobs at the local airports from which they arrive and depart. These planes not only need pilots to fly them, but they also need the people who work at the airport as well. Considering some of these airports are in more rural areas where jobs are sparser, the infusion of jobs from private business aviation is always a boost for a local economy.

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