The use of business jets by companies has been something of a hot topic for Barry LaBov in the past. We defend our use of our jet, as it not only benefits the company, but those in the community too. There are two major reasons behind the fact that LaBov and Beyond uses a business jet. Those reasons are: for the sake of growing our business; and for the sake of creating jobs.

Looking at the fact that we are a marketing communications company, being able to meet with and serve our clients in a timely manner is an absolutely essential part of our business practices. From our main offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we can utilize our jet to meet with clients where we need to, and when we need to. The prospect of being able to meet with clients in places like Washington D.C. or New York City, and be back in Fort Wayne for dinnertime is an enticing one. Being able to do this, we expand our base of possible clientele. We can meet with clients nationwide, and do on almost a daily basis. We utilize our jet to the fullest. We always travel with a full team of employees; filling up the jet to maximize efficiency. By flying out of the local community airport, we create jobs for pilots and create business for the airport.

Using our jet the way we do is beneficial for all parties, and many LaBov and Beyond Reviews agree. On one hand, having the jet gives us a competitive edge over other rival businesses, and it sends a powerful, clear message to our clients: LaBov and Beyond is committed to growing, serving our clients in the most efficient way possible, and getting the job done right. On the other hand, the almost daily stimulus we provide to our local small airport provides a boost for the local economy.

Name: Jerry Perelman
Title: Senior Account Manager
Aircraft: many, depending upon the needs of the mission.

I have been a pilot for more than 25 years, and have flown numerous different aircraft. My work with Blue Star Jets ( has permitted me to meet and arrange Private Aviation flights for some of the most well known world entertainment personalities, as well as executives, sports figures, golfers, skiers, fishermen and fisherwomen. They have flown everything from Light Lear, Beechjet and Citation jets, to G-Vs and Global Express jets, from NY, Aspen and CA, to Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, and most places in between.

With all that said, I had a most amazing flight I would like to share.

I recently piloted a small plane to a small airport north of Philadelphia, as part of my membership with Animal Rescue Flights, to pick up a dog about to be put to sleep. This beautiful dog had lost the use of her hind legs and had to wear a brace with wheels to get around. Her discouraged owners had placed her into a Shelter. Time was about up, when fortunately, a new home was found, but the dog had to be moved quickly, before the final curtain would fall.
A car ride was out of the question, as the trip would take too long.
When I put this sweet dog into the baggage area, she whimpered as would any soul, displaced and afraid. When I placed her body brace next to the cage, so she could smell it, her whimpering stopped. She found a familiar friend, the brace, and it comforted her.
The flight to her new adoptee was smooth and uneventful, but unfortunately, she could not see the magnificent lights of New York City as we passed over on our flight plan, on a clear evening, toward her new home.
Upon landing, I handed over the cage to her new owner. She was taken out, by her new, yet experienced and caring owner, and held for a while for comfort sake. She was so sweet, but even more so, when she reached over to me and licked my hand, somehow showing she knew I had been a part of her Rescue.
It just doesn't get much better than that!

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